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Giaimo Coiffure Portrait

Lately, I photographed some portraits for this fun crew of coiffure Giaimo in Schwyz and Brunnen.

Perfect hair can also go crazy in the wind. Thank you ladies for letting me turn your hairs in a creative way.

Giaimo Coiffure Team

Bike Trail Construction

Building a bike trail is hard work and the Rideside MTB club is digging deep. In a few weeks, this new trail will be accessible at last accessible to everybody. It features, lot's of berms, steep and technical sections, fast sections and a few jumps. Here are a few pictures of our time in the forest, moving big stones, cutting trees and moving masses of dirt. Just some good times, laugh and friendship.

Some of the pictures are in the summer edition of the magazine Rundum Schwyz

Wihelm war Fotograf

Last automn I colaborated with the Brunnen located communication agency Tells Söhne. For their new website they needed some fresh and light lifestyle photographs of the agency life. Good ideas came out from this collaboration, I feel like the legendary shooting skills of Wihelm Tell inspired us more than expected.

Thanks you for this intense, but friendly cooperation Tells Söhne.

Creative Portrait Session with Sandy

After a couple of commercial assignments, I got to try out some more colorful and creative technics in the studio. Two lights, a couple of lights and some inspiration from the master of color portrait Nick Fancher. I hope to get to do more of those color experiments, are you interested?

SandyColorfull Portrait of Sandy

Gärtnerei Nideroest

Flowery moments at Nideroest Garten Center in full spring blossom.

Nicole Buchler

Last automn I got to work on an athletic related project for a new sport marketing agency. They left me to envisioned some photograph around the discipline of pole vaulting with Nicole Buchler. Probably one of the best swiss female athlete of this peculiar sport, where the preparation and training is much more present than in the sports I am used to practice. The moment of jumping is so intense that the athletes can only jump a few times a day, not even everyday. It leaves them the rest of their time to think about the best training they can come out with, to be on top on D day. Some philosophy of life which wouldn't hurt my personal lifestyle!

Here are a few of the pictures I took and retouched from this shooting.

Thank you Nicole and Simon. Hope to see you guys soon again.

Jura Tourism

The few last summers I've been colaborating with Jura Tourism on multiple projects. Here are a few of the print results.

Night Freeriding

After work night freeride session on the Huser Stock with friend and vue over the Mythen.

Blue hour stroll

Mythen Region and surroundings before some big snow fall.